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Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a healing modality that treats the whole body. It applies sound techniques to facilitate healing through integrating ancient wisdom, modern science, art, musicality and the alchemy of healing.

The body is made of energy and therefore has a particular vibration or frequency that is associated with it. The same can be seen in materials that have a harmonic frequency that must be considered when designing and building things, from motors to bridges, etc. Each part of the body has a frequency associated with it when it is in harmony and the body is functioning optimally. Therefore, if the body can be kept in harmony, it will have the optimal ability to heal and function. Sound, or vibration, penetrates through the body down to a cellular level which can help release trauma and reset cells to allow their natural patterns to return. Thus triggering the relaxation response or the para sympathetic nervous system (PNS). When the body is in the PNS, it allows the body to heal from inflammation, pain and other physical ailments. It also allows the mind to find clarity and work through issues that are causing concern, anxiety or stress for the person to enable them to find their own way to manage their life. It therefore allows a person to transform beliefs, which also affects our DNA at a cellular level to rediscover joy, happiness and pleasure.

With the high levels of stress we experience each day, the body often doesn’t spend time in the PNS. Therefore, our ability to heal, rest and recover is compromised. Sound healing provides a pathway to the PNS where we can rest, recover and heal.

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